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My Story of Pink by Barbra Curtiss

Who I Am

T hank you for visiting my personal website and getting to know about me and My Story of Pink for Barbra Curtiss Realty and Mary Kay!   From childhood I have loved the color pink which has been an inspiration in my business as well as personal life!


Like Mary Kay, who was told she would never be successful, I was told when I started my Real Estate Company, that my Pink Business Plan would not be acceptable but I did it my way and my success speaks for itself!   Moral to the story is to be yourself and follow your Dream and do what makes you Happy, Life is too short not to!!  


I am proud to be a Realtor since 1986, a 100% Woman Owned Business career that actually started in 1971 when I opened my first business at the age of 21, a Hair Salon named the Shampoo Chalet.  While I worked for several large companies over the years, my heart was always to be my own business owner again someday and that someday became a reality April 1, 2002 when I opened Barbra Curtiss Realty.  

When my Mary Kay Consultant, who was a dear friend and neighbor, retired and moved to Florida she told me it was time to sign up with Mary Kay and enjoy the 50% Discount!  Made sense to me because  I had been a very loyal and satisfied Mary Kay Customer since 1977 so on April 14, 2014 I became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant !  I tell everyone that Real Estate is my Profession but Mary Kay is my Fun Job!


 So when you are on The Cumming GA Town Square stop by Barbra Curtiss Realty to say Hi and pick up a Mary Kay Look Book which I always keep on hand along with free samples.  Join me monthly on the 3rd Tuesday for a "Mary Kay Girls Night Out"  at my office conference room from 6 pm to 7:30 pm, 107 W. Courthouse Square, Cumming GA 30040.  Call me with any questions, office: 770-886-5312, my cell:  404-405-7757, always happy to talk with you!

Barbra Day Curtiss

My Mantra

Live life like tomorrow may never come, love with all your heart and Do unto Others without expecting anything in return!  I am and always will be committed to superior customer service with a touch of class and genuine southern charm! 

The  1st  Story  of  Pink  Testimonial

Beth Ross  recommends The Story of Pink.


Barbra Curtiss has always done a better than great finish to anything she does. Her passion for Real Estate drew me to her as a friend and her love and passion for Mary Kay and the principles behind it, have made me a user of those products, through her, for many many years. You can't go wrong including her in your list of must have and know people to enrich your life!!!

  • Amazing results


  • Experienced skin care professionals


  • Great deals


  • Beautiful results


  • Professional products

Knowledge is Money.  Do not ever hesitate to Invest in your Knowledge and Personal Growth!  You are never too old to do what you want to do!

Knowledge is Money
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