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The Early Years

I grew up in Huntsville Alabama which back in the 1950's was a small farming town.  Being one of four daughters born to a farmer, my sisters and I grew up working as if we were sons. I loved working in the fields with my Dad!  The smell of the outdoors especially in the Spring when the rich ground was broke for planting, the sweet smell of wild honeysuckle in the summer air and the smell of fresh cotton in the fall as it was picked and headed to the huge cotton gins will always be some of my most cherished memories.  Farm life was not easy but it taught me never to be afraid of hard work and it set deep-rooted values that have been priceless through my career!

Cotton Fields
Ready to Plant the Seeds

The Small Details

My career in the real estate related industry began in 1980 when I accepted a position as a leasing agent for a 200 unit apartment complex in Birmingham, Alabama, within 30 days I was promoted to the property manager’s position and a 22-year career in property management evolved.  I never thought about being a real estate agent but back in the early 80’s legislation was pushing very hard to change the laws requiring all property managers to be licensed agents”.  Being proactive I seized the opportunity to become a licensed realtor in 1986 and had the honor of being Jim Frenches’ first Agent when he formed his Real Estate Company, French Properties in Cumming GA.  I was very lucky and very honored to have had such a wonderful Broker and Mentor as Jim French, the training I received in my early years as a realtor under Jim's guidance was priceless in my career growth.  I was very lucky to have had Jim’s training, guidance and best mentor a new agent could have.  

My Fun Job of course is Mary Kay.  I have been a very loyal and satisfied customer since 1977 and seized the opportunity to become an Independent Beauty Consultant April 14, 2014 when I joined the Margaret Gormly Whole Hearted Champions Unit, my best decision ever!  Margaret leads her Unit by the hand of God and I love our weekly prayer sessions where we are finishing up our study of the book "Fervent" and the homework of watching the movie

"War Room" changed my life forever in the most spirtial uplifting way I could ever imagine!  I thank God daily for guiding me to Margaret Gormly which was by the hand of God for sure!   

Girl Picking Cotton

What  Now

I have been in the real estate industry for 36 years but have also owned and operated several small businesses over my 51-year career span.  I retired in 2002 from Post Apartment Homes to open my boutique real estate firm where I am the Owner-Broker of Barbra Curtiss Realty, Inc located on the Town Square in Cumming, Georgia.   I was proud to be a senior property manager and on-site trainer for Post Properties which was a national leader in upscale apartment homes nationwide which paved my way to being a strong and educated business woman.  I am fullfilling my long-term goal of being a trainer and mentor for women in real estate and currently working on a national organization, National Society of Female REO Agents, whis is another avenue of mentorship!   I am working on my book, "Ain't Gonna Pick No More Cotton" which is this Farmgirls Memoirs of growing up on an Alabama Cotton Farm in the 1950’s.  Keep an eye out for it in the Fall of 2023!

My Happy

The Present Time

I praise God for giving me an amazing life, a wonderful husband named Happy, two beautiful children and four precious grandchildren.  I am very thankful to God for guiding me through the years to become an accomplished business woman who can be as comfortable in a board room as I am out on Lake Lanier fishing with my husband. Throughout my career I have always pursued excellence through a commitment to high ethical standards, honesty, fair play and sound judgment.  I have managed to achieve a rare balance between my personal and professional responsibilities  and I know it is my faith that keeps me an informed, well-rounded, down-to-earth  Real Estate Broker and Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant with a sincere commitment to helping others.

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